February 10, 2012

We have a cat.  Emile named him Beavis long before I got into the picture.  I probably would have chose something different, but I have never met any pet, human or anything but our cat named Beavis.
Anyways, Beavis is a strange cat.  With my current unemployed status, Beavis and I have become quite close.  We share secrets, we laugh, we cry, we dance together.  But there is one thing that has never happened. 
Emile has raised Beavis from a kitten bringing him up to be a thoughtful, playful, responsible man he is today.  And they share a bond.  Beavis expresses this bond through grooming.  If Emile is lying in bed, and Beavis is feeling especially loving, he will lick all of the gel out of Emile’s hair.  Yes, kinda gross, but obviously cats smell terrifically clean (if you don’t hate too much to get close), kinda interesting, kinda sweet, but kinda gross.  The only other person that Beavis has ever groomed was our friend Jeremy who has similarly short and coloured hair to Emile.  Beavis was staying with him for two weeks, and for some reason snuggled up onto Jeremy’s pillow and woke him up with his gentle lapping of Jeremy’s his hair.  Beavis was kicked out 12 days earlier than planned and Jeremy now sleeps with a shower cap just in case his dog Ty gets any strange ideas.
Well, last night, I was lying in bed, with a recently trimmed head.  And it happened – through our bonding and our love over the last couple of months – Beavis started licking my hair.  I was as still as possible.  It felt weird – kinda that pulling feeling that you get when you have your haircut with a straight razor, but with added slurping sound effects.  He didn’t like my longer hair, he kept getting it caught in his teeth.  He loves me, he REALLY loves me.
I washed my hair twice this morning.
February 10th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary Event:  Beavis the cat showing his love.

Author: Susan

Susan has a lot to say about a lot of things.

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