The Daily EO: March 14, 2012

I was crabby. I don’t really know why. Each person I interacted with seemed to be less than competent or annoying or worse both. I say seem because I think it was my perception probably not reality.

The post office, the grocery store, the bank, the LCBO. They all annoyed me. And Emile annoyed me and he wasn’t even home.  Beavis too.  And that wasn’t even his fault.  I was the one who trained him to beg for treats on the kitchen stools.

Driving home after finally getting my chores done – thinking to myself honestly, how do these people function? – I took a back street to avoid the people.  Veteran’s Way for you Huntsvilleites. On the left side of the street was a mother and her toddler.  On the right side of the street was the mother’s other daughter – I’d guess about 4 years old.  I saw them so slowed down to make sure I didn’t hit them.  Wouldn’t that be a terrific end to my day. (See how crabby I was? I was more worried about my inconvenience of hitting them, versus terrible injury.  Sigh)

I saw them, but the mom didn’t see me. She was shouting at her other daughter to move it already – get across the street.  She  was gesturing and looking annoyed that her daughter was not listening.  It wasn’t until the older daughter started waving at me that I was noticed driving down the street.  Mom looked horrified.  I cheered up.

March 14, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  A four-year old figuring the perfect time not to listen to her mother.



Author: Susan

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