The Daily EO: March 13, 2012

I left my mom’s house in Cranbrook at 9 am MST and arrived at my house in Huntsville at 11 pm EST.  These are the perils of living in small towns, people.  It is only 2700 kms from Cranbrook to Huntsville and by plane that should only take 4.5 hours give or take.  But it requires me to take a small jet over the mountains to Calgary, then a layover there, 3.5 hour flight to Toronto, .5 hour wait for luggage (is it just me or is Toronto the slowest airport in the world to get your checked bags?  It seems like it is), then a 2.5 hour drive to Huntsville.  I guess there just isn’t the airport facilities in Huntsville to allow for a 757 to come blazing in to drop me at my house.  So, to visit Cranbrook, it is 12 hours door to door.  (shorter to fly to Portugal!)

My flight from Calgary ended up being 1.5 hours delayed, extending my expected layover in the Calgary airport from 2 hours to 3.5.  The airport is under renovations now, and with it being Spring Break and many flights delayed, the airport was pretty busy.  In fact, there were line-ups at BOTH the womens’ and mens’ bathrooms.  When does that happen?!

I wandered back and forth at first.  Looking for another bathroom (it’s not right to have to stand in line at an airport).  Interacting with the woman promoting Aeroplan credit cards (my usual “I already have one” didn’t work this time, she then tried to upgrade me – what a terrible job for those team members).  Checking out what there was to buy (Alberta has privatized the liquor stores, so it is interesting to see the unique products in store ).  Seeing the food choices (always get sucked in with Starbucks – never know what is it, but it seems like a special occasion when I have Starbucks).  Located my gate (phew).

I needed to eat and my diet of late wasn’t the best.  I decided on Jugo Juice where I purchased a Mango protein Smoothie and a vegetarian snack wrap.  Surely these selections counteract the Mozza Burger Combo and Key Lime Pie from the night before.  As I came around the counter, I saw it.  An oversized comfortable leather arm-chair bathed in a stream of sunlight.  Is this for regular people to sit in?  I sat down and ate my wrap, certain the Elite and Super Elite would come and ask me for ID.  When I determined it was safe, I threw my legs up over the arm and snuggled in the sunlight like a cat, sipping my smoothie and doing a crossword puzzle on my phone.  I could pass 3 hours here, in fact, I could become one of those airport lifers who get trapped in the country with no passport here.

This chair would be the EO for today if not for someone I encountered while in that marvelous chair.   As I sipped my smoothie – feeling the protein eat away at that ice cream binge – I noticed the cleaner starting on the large bank of windows in front of me.  He started on the left of the nine windows that I would estimate at 12 feet tall.  Carefully spraying the surface with a special elongated cleaner, then meticulously using his squeegee to pull the water down – slightly overlapped to avoid any streaks.  With the window sills now full of cleaning solution, he then precisely used his squeegee and rags to perfectly dry the sill.  Each window took him about 10 minutes to complete.  As the sun streamed in on me, I watched him complete one window after the next, each one getting the same careful treatment.

I admired his work ethic, the preciseness of his movements and the care he took to ensure the windows were clean.

March 13, 2012 Extra-Ordinary Event:  Staying motivated and true to your work ethic even when the other person hasn’t done his half of the job.  Those windows were filthy – on the outside.



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