The Daily EO: April 12th, 2012

WordPress has a lot of statistics that you can review to understand who is reading your blog.  It is interesting and addictive.   When I wake up in the morning, four thoughts go through my head:

1.  Is it late enough to consider getting up?

2.  I wonder if my morning post-pee weight will be down from yesterday.

3. Did I get any e-mails?

4. Did I get any WordPress views, comments or followers overnight?

The stats available are things like the country the views were from (so far today 2 x South Korea, 2 x UK, 1 x Canada, 1 x USA), what tags are the most popular (1. Food 2.  Religion 3. Fitness), and who referred the person to the site (if applicable).  (PS, these stats do not include those of you who get this via e-mail unless you visit the blog).  It also shows search engine terms that resulted in a person finding you and coming to the blog.  Today a search engine referred someone to this blog because they typed in “daily eo”.  Wow!  Someone actually typed in “Daily EO” into a search engine.  Wait a minute!  That means I am in search engines!  I checked Yahoo! and Google, and there I am – The Daily EO, if you type in the “daily eo”.  (if Google doesn’t help you out by changing it to “daily word”).

Last week, I picked up my first stranger follower (hey there, healthdemystified!).  Not that he is strange, just that I don’t know him.  As well, I got 3 stranger likes.  (likes on a post from someone I don’t know).   So, now I am writing for friends, acquaintances and strangers.  And for some reason that seems more pressure filled.  Somehow I now have to be more entertaining, more witty, funnier, and more insightful than I have before.

A couple of days ago, I was speaking with a friend and we were discussing our husbands.  We were wondering why we both are successful managers who are calm and respectful to our team members almost all of the time, but why we go over edge when our husbands put dirty dishes on the dishwasher.  (WHY!!?  WHY!?  Just put it in the dishwasher!  You got this far, just put it in!!!   *deep breath*)  Why do we treat those we love worse than those who are not as precious to us?  Are we more secure in those relationships?  Are can we be the authentic selves because we know we are loved?

Why do I have to be better for strangers than I am for those I care most about?

April 12th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Looking for the answer, but knowing that asking the question is just as important.


Author: Susan

Susan has a lot to say about a lot of things.

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