The Daily EO: April 13th, 2012

Today I binged.  No, I didn’t bing.  I binge-d.

I was at the grocery store and I noticed that Cadbury Mini Eggs were on sale for $.49.  I love Cadbury Mini Eggs.  I picked up the package of the eggs and noted that each package (which are getting smaller and smaller) had 180 calories.  Considering now I can eat only 793 calories a day (if I don’t exercise), that is a significant portion of my daily intake.

I had a couple of choices:  I could skip on by without buying, smugly noting my extraordinary willpower.  I could buy one package and share it with Emile when he got home from work (thinking the divvying up would have been a little lopsided).  I could buy a package, take a run, then eat them all.  I could buy two packages, take a loooong run, then eat them all.

In November 2007, I contracted tonsilitis.  It started Monday am while I was at work.  I just didn’t feel good, and I knew in my bones that I was really sick.  Not a flu, not a cold, but sick.  Emile was not a supportive as he could be at first – while at least that is how my illness addled mind remembers it.  It wasn’t until I went to the emergency room on Tuesday at 2 am because I thought my throat was going to close up, that he understood how sick I was.  The doctor on duty immediately diagnosed tonsilitis and prescribed medication.  He told me to stay away from people, sleep, eat and drink when I could, and avoid caffeine.  At that point I was addicted to both caffeine and diet coke.  I couldn’t get rolling in the morning without the hit and I would drink up to 4 or 5 cans of diet cola a day.  As I couldn’t possibly imagine feeling any worse than I did, I decided to stop caffeine and diet coke right then and there.  The headaches and irritability were nothing compared to the tonsilitis.

And since then, I have not drank a Diet Coke and generally I drink decaf tea.  (although while I write this, Emile is making me Earl Grey full-bore tea).  There is two exceptions to this:  When we were in Europe, I wanted to try Coke Light and see how that differed from Diet Coke.  (I had a sip of Emile’s)  And once someone complained about the Diet Coke when I was serving, so I took a sip to try to figure out what the problem was.  In its place, I drink tea, soda water, water, or sometimes other diet drinks.

So, faced with the flaming desire to eat Mini Eggs until I was sick, I instead headed to the pop aisle.  I bought a 2 litre of A&W Diet Root Beer.  And I drank it all in 4 hours.  Yes, 2 litres of Diet Root Beer.  (Well, that is a lie for a better story.  There is in fact 1 glass remaining).  Sugary sweetness.  Carbonated goodness.  As I lay there bloated, burping and well . ..  honestly a little out the other end too . .*blush*,  I felt pretty good.

April 13th 2012 Extra-Ordinary:   Afterall, I didn’t buy those damn Cadbury Mini Eggs.


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