The Daily EO: May 13th, 2012

Today was mother’s day and my sister-in-law’s birthday.  We all decided on a quiet day – brunch and dinner together and hanging out in between.  Not too much flair and fuss.  After brunch, my MIL and SIL and I decided to go shopping at the local mall.

At Sears, I tried on a Jones & Co summer dress that I didn’t need, but it was 50% off, and everyone else was trying on dresses, why shouldn’t I?  It was size 12.   It was close-fitting cut and needed fit properly or you’d be fussing with it all the time.  The  dress was too flappy in the bosom and too loose in the waist.  It didn’t fit right.  Sigh.  But, wait, . . . if it was too big in two different places, then perhaps I needed a size 10.  And a 10 fit perfectly!  It know I shouldn’t care.  I know the size number should never matter.  But a size 10!  I had a huge piece of Vegan Chocolate Cake that day and 30 ounces of wine in the previous 48 hours.  Pretty good.

Off to Old Navy where cheap shorts were my target.  I took all my size 12s into the fitting room – as surely the size 10 was a fluke.  (do not tempt fate) Apparently the 10 was  – all of these size 12 shorts were too small.  I had to bump up to a 14 in all of them.  Do you think it is possible to expand whilst walking through a mall?

Then to The Bay were I found a pair of Jessica Simpson jean shorts – that were sized logically – based on the universally accepted INCHES of your waist measurement.  I grabbed a 32  because my waist is 31 or 32 and looked on with confusion as fell on the floor.  I had to drop down to a size 29, and really a 28 would be even better.

May 13, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  When did the length of an inch change?  I am so behind the times.

Maintenance May Day 13:
Didn’t let my MIL purchase those weird almost-skin-tone shorts at Cleo.  (family, soul)
Had a good heart-to-heart with my MIL (connection)


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