The Daily EO: June 28th, 2012

The first suit I ever purchased was in Victoria, BC in a beautiful cream colour, size 10.  I bought it because I needed something for my MBA entrance interview at McMaster University.   I purchased the suit (more than I could afford, but my BFF Lisa convinced me it was the way to go), broke up with my boyfriend (dodged a bullet there), flew to Ontario (thanks Mom), and convinced Mac I would be a good fit.  I still have that suit actually, because despite it being 15 years ago, it’s classic.  Not Jackie O. classic, but it wasn’t the 60s.  Plus, at the time, I think it cost me 15% of my annual budget, so I can’t let go of it.  And I got in, so it must be a lucky suit, anyways.

They say that clothes do not make the person, but I don’t know about that.  I am woefully ignorant of fashion, do not read women’s magazines (they just try to make me feel inferior somehow, although I have considered a subscription to Chatelaine as of late), and am completely mentally handicapped in the application of makeup.   But when I have made the effort to find good quality, well-fitting clothes that perfectly match the occasion, a sheen of confidence envelopes me.  My 5’8″ stands tall, I walk confidently with my heels first and I want to shout “I belong here!”  Wherever here may be.

Over the last three years, I have reduced from a size 14/16 (yes, I was occasionally a 16, nobody would ever believe me, and that is yet another advantage of being tall) to a size 12 (with an occasional 10).  My closet is decimated.  I can fit into all of my career clothes certainly, but they hang on my waist, they sag in the front, and generally go not look good.  And no, a belt cannot fix ill fitting clothes.  Please spread this around.  I sorted through the closet a while back and created three categories:  too big – donate, too big-put aside for altering, and wearable.

My professional closet – once a decent sized – now consists of 2 pairs of pants and 2 shirts suitable for interviews and three boxes of “for altering”.   It just doesn’t make sense to purchase or alter clothes in potentially the wrong size.  And spending the money when I don’t need to is folly.   So, the alter boxes sit.  So long in fact, I probably will have to re-sort them to check for fashionability again.  Like I have any idea.  Sigh.  I am so hiring a consultant when I can afford to (Punch List addition).

But in this new life I am forging for myself, I have found confidence and a sense of power and ability to achieve more.  And it flows when I put on running clothes.  Often in the morning, I will rise and change immediately into workout clothes.  This is two-fold – if I see someone they won’t think “Look at that unemployed bounder, she is still in her pajamas” and it is one less barrier to getting out the door for a run.  It’s a public declaration of my intentions (for the cat I guess).  One cannot take off work-out clothes, one must peel off sweaty work-out clothes.

And as I type this (not in my pajamas), I have in a racing back Lululemon purple top, a Running Room racing back sports bra, and Adidas Climalite black snug fitting shorts.  And indeed I feel strong. And powerful.  And like an athlete.  And when nobody is looking, I will flex my bicep or admire the cut of muscle across my shoulder or sneak a peek at the curve of my waist to my hips.  After a run or work-out, I want to stay in these stinky clothes for a while as a reminder of what I have achieved for that day.

Do clothes make the man?  No, but the right ones match what you are feeling inside and help it come out.

June 28th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  I ran 4.0 km in 35 degrees Celsius (with the humidity).  What potential will this racing back unleash today?


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