The Daily EO: September 3rd, 2012

Things I am afraid of:

  1. Getting all the non-work things – both tasks and pleasure – done while working full time.
  2. That I am not as good as I was before when working as a materials manager
  3. That I wasn’t as good as I thought I when working as a materials manager
  4. Making new friends
  5. Spiders
  6. Emile resenting me for separating him from his family and his home for 40 years
  7. That Vancouver vacation spot will not be as good as Vancouver living spot
  8. That rain will make me sad
  9. I’ll drift apart from my friends
  10. Enclosed spaces that I could accidentally be trapped in
  11. The increased risk of earthquakes on the west coast
  12. Saying goodbye to everyone and not being able to say what I want to say
  13. A Fresh Start


Things I look forward to:

  1. Both of us working in our chosen careers at the same time
  2. Buying material goods – while recognizing I don’t need material goods for happiness
  3. Spending more time with my grandparents and family.
  4. Travelling to Vancouver Island, Gulf Islands, Whistler, Okanogan, Kootenays, Sunshine Coast, Washington and other close by destinations
  5. Not shoveling snow
  6. Tax Season
  7. Getting a pedicure and my eyebrows threaded
  8. Buying trendy rain gear
  9. Ability to visit my mom and brother for a weekend
  10. The varied options in a large urban centre
  11. A Fresh Start


Things I hope for:

  1. Emile flourishing in his new home town despite the separation from his family
  2. Emile’s law firm recognizing the talent he has
  3. Building a future at my new company
  4. Continuing Fit April through
  5. Positive resolution to the economic crisis in Europe
  6. A visit from Emile’s family next summer
  7. A Fresh Start


September 3rd, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:   Worries that haunt you in the night don’t seem as bad in a list in the light of day.


Author: Susan

Susan has a lot to say about a lot of things.

2 thoughts on “The Daily EO: September 3rd, 2012”

  1. Hey Susan, That was so honest… wow!!! I wish you two all the happiness and success in the world, you will be awesome!!!… God knows… you’ve been through so much together and things are just going to get brighter for the both of you. We will truly miss you a great deal but we’re so happy you have found clear skies ahead in Vancouver.

    Safe travels and enjoy the road trip Monique
    P.S. Love your drawings and pictures.. you’re too funny!

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