The Daily EO: October 9th, 2012

There are sometimes we just want to share a secret.  I am often struck by a weird compulsion to admit my sins.  Usually they are fairly innocuous, and by the time I say something, the receiver of my confession just laughs at me.  I consider eating hot white bread with butter a sin, so you can get the idea.  It doesn’t mean I don’t do it – I just recognize that I shouldn’t probably be doing it, but do it anyways.

When it comes to technological sins, I always confess to my husband.  It’s just he that would consider many of the things I do trespassing against a computer, or phone or whatever it may be.  I also know that he’ll spent 5 minutes explaining why I shouldn’t have done what I did and then forgive me anyways – with perhaps only a minor penance.

About 2 months ago, I bragged to him that I successfully fixed my “comma/less than” key when it fell off.  I got it all hooked back into place and working completely perfectly.  This is true – mostly.

October 9th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  My confession:  the key didn’t mysteriously fall off.  I ripped it off to get a Beavis (cat)hair out of it that was hindering its use.   Oh, Emile, I have sinned.


Author: Susan

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