The Daily EO: October 10th, 2012

There are pivotal moments in life – and we all know to grab our camera to record it.  One such moment happened this past weekend.  Our friends’ son got his “big boy bed” and moved from his crib for good.  The sheets were Lightening McQueen and Mator and Carson was so proud, so happy.

Big Boy Bed

There were no cameras when I left for work this morning.  I sat in the kitchen at 7:20 am awaiting the clock to turn over to 7:40 so I could leave.  I slipped into the traffic and drove out to Coquitlam only to find that I arrived early.  I checked mail.  I listened to music.   Then it time.  I got out of the car.  I pulled open the door to begin my future.

October 10th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  I was locked out.



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