The Daily EO: February 10th, 2013

We were invited to dinner at very old friend’s tonight.  I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous – not that it was a stressful thing, but I have some hang-ups, and dinner parties are one of them.  I planned 2 days in advance what to wear, racked my brains for tidbits of information about their lives and children, and generally spent more time thinking about it than a normal person would.

That’s okay – I have hang ups, and I have learned to deal with them.  But when I am asked what type of wines I prefer so the courses can be properly matched to spirits, I start to worry that my mother’s etiquette training didn’t stick.

Dinner was lovely (I used the correct forks)- and when I say old friends, I mean old.  Because one of them used to babysit me, and I attended their wedding – 30 years ago when I was 9.  So, it’s weird and it must be to strange for them to me all grown up – close enough in age now that we could be friends.

The conversation ran from wine, Aspberger’s syndrome, cabinet making, veganism, weddings, dentistry, lay-outs of emergency rooms, travel, law and many other things.   And driving home I found myself realizing that I could hold intelligent conversations – with personal experiences – on a host of topics.

The food was great, the wines matches perfectly and dessert was a cheese tray.

February 10th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  20 years ago there were no fine lines around my eyes, but perhaps there is something to this “age and wisdom” thing.


Author: Susan

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