The Daily EO: February 10th, 2013

We were invited to dinner at very old friend’s tonight.  I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous – not that it was a stressful thing, but I have some hang-ups, and dinner parties are one of them.  I planned 2 days in advance what to wear, racked my brains for tidbits of information about their lives and children, and generally spent more time thinking about it than a normal person would.

That’s okay – I have hang ups, and I have learned to deal with them.  But when I am asked what type of wines I prefer so the courses can be properly matched to spirits, I start to worry that my mother’s etiquette training didn’t stick.

Dinner was lovely (I used the correct forks)- and when I say old friends, I mean old.  Because one of them used to babysit me, and I attended their wedding – 30 years ago when I was 9.  So, it’s weird and it must be to strange for them to me all grown up – close enough in age now that we could be friends.

The conversation ran from wine, Aspberger’s syndrome, cabinet making, veganism, weddings, dentistry, lay-outs of emergency rooms, travel, law and many other things.   And driving home I found myself realizing that I could hold intelligent conversations – with personal experiences – on a host of topics.

The food was great, the wines matches perfectly and dessert was a cheese tray.

February 10th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  20 years ago there were no fine lines around my eyes, but perhaps there is something to this “age and wisdom” thing.

The Daily EO: November 7th, 2012

I wonder frequently about whether I should start talking to people I am riding the elevator with.  I am not that outgoing friendly girl – in fact, I am quite shy.  But I grew up in a small town and we were friends with our neighbours.  We grew up together, we still keep in touch.  So, these people are my neighbours, but we all spent our time reading the headlines on the TV they’ve conveniently installed in there for us.

While waiting for the elevator today while going to work, I was actually joined by someone who lives on my floor.  We smiled, then stood awkwardly staring at the symbol above the elevator door willing it to come sooner.  I pulled out my iPhone to see if I could absorb myself in something.

After a painful 90 seconds, we finally got an elevator and we both pushed P2.  We were joined by several others as we journeyed down today, slowly picking up and dropping off as we made our way downstairs.  After the last passenger got off, I raised my courage and said “This is the only drawback of living on the 41st floor”.

His gobsmacked expression led me to believe that breaking the silence did seem to violate some social more.  He mumbled his agreement and when we hit the parking floor, he scurried quickly off before the crazy lady in the elevator could continue the benign conversation.

November 7th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Don’t try to make friends in the elevator at 7 am.   At least with that guy.