The Daily EO: May 18th, 2013

I remember watching Star Wars: The Empire Strikes back with my dad at the drive-in theatre.  I remember very little except when Luke had his hand cut off.  (um, spoiler alert).  It was pretty horrifying for me.  But then he had a hand again – it looked good as new and I was wholly confused.   Afterall, I had watched my PSA on TV and thought this was not the case.

But Dad was a science fiction fan.  He loved Star Wars, Isaac Asimov, Ray Bradbury and Star Trek.  The terrifying hand removal not withstanding, I too began to enjoy science fiction, reading his old books and watching his old shows.  Some I just didn’t get.  Some I just didn’t like.  But Star Trek – I got.  I got it a lot.  And after many years of reflection, I think that I gravitated to it because it was a vision of what could be, what we coud strive towards – the end of hunger, poverty and world wars.  The end of a planet destruction, the beginning of a joined life.  Not free from problems and struggles, but better than now.  Much of other science fiction features post-apocalypse worlds, worst than today, terror, horrible things have happened.

So, I watched the old Star Trek episodes and enjoyed the stories.  Watched them again when I was older and better understood and recognized the social commentary.  And watched with my brother when Star Trek: The Next Generation came out.  Celebrated a move forward with a female captain on Voyager.  Would they get home!?  And then Enterprise, trying to stem delight when they decided they should come up with an “Alert System”.   And of course all the movies in between – some terrible, some okay.

I had planned to attend opening night for this second reboot movie, but I had other plans.  Instead, I was there Saturday night.  I’d read nothing – purposely avoided trailers, didn’t check reviews – I wanted to save it all for the movie.  And I am glad I did.

All in all – I loved it.  The ONLY complaint I have is the need in action/adventure movies to at some point have the hero hanging by their finger tips.  Then somehow, they let go with one hand and catch a person falling by to save them too.  Then someone cames along and hauls them both up.

Please find me a person that can catch 200 pounds in one hand while holding their weight with their finger tips.  Not to mention, this usually occurs right after a fight which I have to assume their hand is either sweaty, bloody or both.  And if you can find such a person, then find me a different person who can pull 400 pounds of dead weight up onto a platform while no one in the dangling chain of people lets go.  I cannot suspense my disbelief on these scenes anymore.  Build railings and floors people!

So, if that is my biggest complaint, I can live with it.  Absolutely loving this new series – geek, yes, I suppose.

May 18th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Star Trek:  Into Darkness



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