The Daily EO: June 18, 2013

Sue – thinking about you right now for some reason.

This innocuous message showed up in my email from my Linked In account.  Probably because I refuse to get a FaceBook account, but couldn’t search for employment without Linked In.  FaceBook – the place where people you don’t want to find you, find you.

Anyways, this was from an ex-boyfriend.  From university days.  Who belonged to the sailing club as an instructor and decided that one of his students . .  lets call her Poolie. . . needed some personal battening of her hatches.  But, he was a good guy . .  because he admitted his indiscretion.  Right?

The best part – and the worst – is that after he and Poolie separated, he “missed me” and I some how let myself get involved again.  Really?  Where’s your self esteem, Susan?  Eventually he then “missed her” and returned to and married Poolie.  I generally have mostly forgotten and mostly forgiven this incident – though Alanis Morissette’s “You Oughta Know” still reminds me of this time.   The whole cliché thing led to much better things – like best friend Lisa, leaving BC to get my MBA in Ontario, getting a spine and then marrying the perfect man for me who does not have his head turned by pretty little paper dolls like Poolie.  Looking back, I would do it all again for twice as long to get what I have now.

We’ve actually in the last 15 years or so, communicated with each other via email (during the High Fidelity stage of my life), but not someone who I . . well, trust much.

So, not unwelcome, but certainly not a great reconnection.  “Hey remember that time that you crushed my little tender heart – those were the best times, eh?”   “You still married to that other woman?”   “So, um . . . yeah. . .”  Just weird.

Anyways, then I had to decide.  Do I ignore or accept?  Ignore is the same as refusing in Linked In and wasn’t sure that I wanted him to think that I couldn’t handle it.  18 years later, am I not over it?  I am, so what is the harm in accepting?  But then he want to talk.   God.  Not sure I want to.

Wonder if he ever got that front tooth fixed properly – the one that only a mother or infatuation could overlook.  Yes, I noticed it buddy, but I just was dazzled because I was I nitwit.

June 18, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Accepted the invitation, because I know I can brag about my life if he wants to talk.  Too bad that made me find out that we live in the same city now.  Sigh.


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