The Daily EO: July 13th, 2013

You know, I try to remember there are all kinds and it takes all kinds.  But I have packed and moved a lot.  A Lot.  So, when I am involved in a move, I get a little smug about it.  I’ve learned some things:

1.  Get proper packing materials – boxes, packing paper, sharpies, wardrobe boxes, packing tape, etc
2.  Accept that moving day is going to suck – work from dawn to dusk and get it all done in one day.  Trust me – it sucks, get it over with, do not spread it over several days.
3.  Moving Day is called Moving Day not Packing Day.  You don’t pack on Moving Day or Move on Packing Days.
4.  Lifting heavy furniture and other items is for suckers and students.  Hire people who have the proper equipment and experience
5.  Label your boxes – you will not remember where you packed the egg beater

So, given that I know all of this, I am not the best person to invite to a move – unless I was involved in the packing.  And you have listened to the above rules.  No packing in garbage bags, no wrapping up things in newspaper, no asking me to lift your fridge down the stairs.

Fortunately when we moved my grandma today, I had been involved in the packing.  As had my mother – who is even more smug and fastidious (if that is possible) – about packing than I am.

That didn’t make the day at good one, but it certainly made it easier.  The movers were fantastic, the boxes were in and out quickly and she had a working suite by 6 pm that night.

July 13th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  From time of call of the suite availability until completely moved in = 37 days.  (including the gnashing of the teeth about deciding to move)


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