The Daily EO: July 12th, 2013

I often say “pigeons are like rats with wings”.  I got this aversion to birds from my mother because she has a bird phobia.  There is just something about their quick movements and sharp beaks and feet that terrifies her.  Rational? Probably not, but many things that we fear are not.  So, growing up, somehow my mom’s phobia translated to me that birds are dirty, horrid and not pleasant.  And living in urban environments with all the damn pigeons – that some people FEED! – hasn’t helped me.  Though I don’t have the visceral reaction that my mom has, I don’t like being around birds.

Emile doesn’t hate birds, but doesn’t like bird droppings.  Fortunately, most of the time, Emile doesn’t feed birds and encourage them to come around.  After his Epic Bird Battle, the pigeons do not come around our balcony any more.  And I am pleased about that.

At Easter, Emile’s mom sent us a Easter Lily planter to celebrate the season.  It was lovely and bloomed on our coffee tables for several weeks.  As I am a plant killer by very nature, I let Emile deal with the care and upkeep of our plants – afterall the Christmas Poinsettia was still alive.

Emile noticed the plants getting a little peaky, so decided to put them out on our balcony for a little direct sunlight and fresh air.  The birds – crushed during aforementioned Epic Bird Battle – decided this was their opportunity to exact revenge for the humiliating loss.

The first day they focused their attention on the poinsettia – ignoring completely the Easter Lily.  Emile was shocked that pigeons would commit such a heinous crime.   But as all attention by the birds had been on the poinsettia – with complete ignoring of the lily – Emile assumed the lily was safe.  Because the fresh air and sunshine was perking the plant up.

But pigeons were only taunting him.

July 12th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Revenge complete.

Day 1
Day 1
Day 2
Day 2

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