The Daily EO: April 15th, 2012

I love bad books and bad movies.  Those that make you laugh at the wrong time and likely find tremendously satisfying because in some fantasy world somewhere, things just work out no matter how far-fetched.  Also, bad is black and white – there is no deeper depth to the villain – they are bad through and through and when they get what is coming to them you want to cheer.   But not really bad movies and books.  What is the difference between bad and really bad?  It has to do with levels of believability; level of gratuitous nudity, gore or violence; and how you feel when you watch it.  Some examples of bad movies: Burlesque (romance-drama-musical-Stanley Tucci-ridiculous-evil villian), The Holiday (Christmas sappiness-stupid men-Kate Winslet-english accents-two happy relationships), and Triple X (Vin Diesel-unbelievable stunts exceeding the limits of human strength-awful dialogue).    Bad books:  Early Shopoholic Series (english charm-stupid spunky girl-rich charming fellow saves the day), and Hotel Vendôme (classic Steel-rarified world-“complicated” problems of prestigious and rich-beautiful and classy heroine).

Now, I may be insulting the authors and directors here, but I think they know what they are making.  We want it, but don’t try to tell me for a minute that it is high cinema or academic writing.  It’s not.  It’s like eating a plate of whole wheat pasta.  You know it is better for you than white pasta, but really?  You should be eating lean protein, whole grains and a whole swack of vegetables instead.  But spaghetti is what you want.  You’ve skipped the garlic bread, you worked out this morning.   You’re doing pretty good, right?  Totally healthy will be done another day.

Today I was a bit tired, and restless, and bored.  I was crabby, and generally Emile was trying to stay well away from me.  I don’t blame him.  I needed my literary/cinematic gorging.  I downloaded a new e-book on my reader.  I sat down and read it cover to cover until 1 in the morning.  Ahhhhh.  Goodbye shades of gray, hello black and white, ridiculous storylines and – yes, really – a “Stop this wedding” scene.

April 15th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Consuming exactly what you want when you want.