The Daily EO: February 21st, 2013

Do you remember when gas $.59/litre?  Do you spell litre as “liter”?  If no to both, then you’re probably not Canadian or you’re too young to be up this late reading a blog.

I have never commuted far distances in my life, so in the last six months, I have visited the gas station much more frequently then I have been accustomed to.  And I drive a Honda Fit, so really my stops there about once a week, but that is about 3 times more than I normally used to go.

I remember when gas was $.59 and $.49 and $.39 even.  For the $.39 I wasn’t legally able to drive, but I remember seeing the numbers.  I also remember when gas hit $.99/litre.  Unfortunately, I was in automotive industry at the time – making vehicle accessories for credit happy Americans driving gas sucking behemoths.  When gas costs $.99/litre, people tend to stop driving Hummers, huge trucks and other type vehicles.

But they adjusted and the truck market somewhat recovered.  And like you all – I’d abruptly stop and make a u-turn if I saw a station advertising $.99/litre.

February 21st, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  How many things that seemed outrageous just a couple years before become desired and mainstream?  I ponder these things while I sit at the pump paying a $1.29/litre celebrating my good deal on gas.