The Daily EO: July 24th, 2012

If you ask my grandpa how he’s doing, more often than not, the 98-year-old will answer “Still Suffering”.

I’m not going to believe him any more.

July 24th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:

Pedicure at the Spa at the Mulberry

The Daily EO: June 24th, 2012

It rained all day today.   It started about 9:30 am and rained for the most part until 8 pm.   I spent most of the day in bed watching TV, drinking mug after mug of tea, eating carbly delicious food, surfing the internet, and reading.  It was so comforting.  My husband did the same – although he spent most of the day watching study videos and reading for his Networks+ exam.  He’s happy because nobody wants to study when you’d rather be outside in the sun.

There is something about spring that makes you want to throw open your doors and bask in the sunshine after a deep and dark winter.  But just as wonderful as it feels to put on dry clean clothes after a day at the beach, a cool rainy Sunday in summer is a needed break.  Closing the doors and snuggling in, eating soup and knowing that tomorrow back you will be in the sunshine.   After a week of record-breaking temperatures that were indeed glorious, this rainy day focused us back inside as a reminder to enjoy the day that comes.

It was also filled with soothing events:

  • I read about this week’s CSA offering.  I jealously thought of others as this is one of our off weeks.  More strawberries.  Too bad.
  • I received word that two of my postcards via Postcrossing were received!  I requested two more addresses knowing now that two postcards are coming to me soon!  The postcard I sent to a guy in the USA was marked as one of his “favorite”!  Hooray!
  • We made one of my husband’s favorite comfort meals: Manwiches with mushrooms and onions.  As a loving wife, I at one point made sloppy joes from scratch for him.. .  well, I used seiten instead of ground beef.  .  .my efforts were appreciated, but not ever requested again.  He prefers that Hunt’s can.  Sigh.  For compromise, we now use a mix of ground beef and TVP.   It took me years to get him off cheese slices for grilled cheese sandwiches instead of old cheddar.
  • I pulled a Chocolate Chip Pumpkin Lentil Loaf from the freezer for snacks.  I made it a couple months ago from Spilling the Beans and knew someday I would love myself for freezing one of them.  The day came!
  • As the house is now sold, we didn’t have to clean, tidy, put things away or worry about cat hair gathering in the corners of the bathroom floor.  We can go back to our normally clean, but slightly cluttery selves.
  • I read the latest PostSecret cards and secretly (not any longer, I guess) felt as always a combination of smugness, sympathy and voyeurism.
  • Skipped running with the valid excuses of sore calves/shins and concerns that I would melt under the steady drizzle.

June 25th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Perfect, Ordinary Rainy Day.