The Daily EO: January 14th, 2014

It’s a miracle.

Yesterday when I sat up in bed, I lost my lunch.  Well, I guess that would be the previous night’s dinner.  But nonetheless, you get the picture.  I felt bad lying down, but it got much worse when I was not prone.

I had the flu, and in moments like this I think my stark refusal to have a flu shot may not be a well founded as I think it is.  But this was much much worse.

You see, I signed up for 3 race that are pending imminently – the 8k Spring Run Off, the 10K Vancouver Sun Run and the 10K Eastside run. (well, that’s not until September).  Anyways, I then decided to start at the beginning of a training regimen because I have been lazy and focused on other things.  So, I downloaded a free app – because why pay – and started a 10K training plan.  Saturday was Week 1, Run 2. Sunday was Week 1, Run 3.   At this point, you are running a little and walking a lot.  So much walking that I thought doing some extra ab work and some squats were warranted.  Sunday I was a bit stiff, but hey, not too bad.

But then the dreaded day 2 hit.  You know – when you can’t move 2 days after working out.  And this was in conjunction with the flu – an aching body flu.   I managed to stand up and shuffle off to the bathroom with a mind to get into the bathtub to soothe my combined flu aches and day 2 stiffness.  As I managed to get the water running, I stood in the tub and realized that I could not sit down.

I could not sit down in the tub.  What am I going to do?

I managed to awkwardly get myself on to one knee by hanging weakly on the edge of the tub, and trusting that I couldn’t hurt myself more than I already did.  At that point, when I put one knee on the bottom of the tub, I found that my feet hadn’t appropriately warned my knees about the temperature of the water.  But there was no going back.

I hoped for the best and threw myself into the tub with the hope the water would break my fall – and it did.  It broke it.  And splashed the whole bathroom.

And here I am unable to even pick up a towel.   I thought these baths were supposed to be relaxing!   Now I don’t even know how I am going to get out of this tub.  I’ll just laid there a long while.

Fortunately, the hot water soothed my muscles enough that I could bend, and I dragged myself to bed with 3 Advil and went to sleep.

And my day was a repeat of that (just sometimes it was Nyquil instead of Advil).

January 14th, 2014 Extra-Ordinary:  Today, it’s like I wasn’t even sick.  And I can walk again.  Maybe it is really Monday today and it was just a bad dream.


The Daily EO: January 5th, 2013

I don’t often get sick, which is a good thing.  I don’t deal with sickness well.  I whine and complain and don’t get enough sleep, have endless showers and moan about how I am probably dying.  However, I will share with you my wisdom:

1.  The cold is always the worst first thing in the morning.  It will get better as the day progresses.  You can honestly say, it can’t get worse from here

2. It’s okay to lay down in the shower and let its curing hot water loosen up the phlegm and mucus that is lying around in there.

3.  If you can’t stop coughing, have a spoonful of brown sugar.  It feels so good.

4.  Don’t use anything but plain Vaseline on your angry red nose.  No stinging, just pure relief.  (and a greasy face, but it’s totally worth it)

5.  Stuffing Kleenex up your nose is totally normal and it feels really good.  And it gives you a break from blowing.

6.  Sinuses must be really really big because I can’t understand where all of this . . . stuff is being stored.

7.  Take drugs at night, but avoid drugs during the day – even if they say non-drowsy, they make you feel loogy.

8.  When you are starting to get better, your voice will probably sound the worst.  You can milk this if you need to.

January 5th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  On the mend.

The Daily EO: October 2nd, 2012

I was thinking of that old Friends episode this morning where an ill Monica tries to seduce Chandler.  He is repulsed until she finally gets him when she invites him to help spread on the Vicks Vapo Rub.   I didn’t get the attraction and I have never used the stuff.

Staying at a friend’s house, I’ve managed to catch a cold from one of their germ bags. ..  ahem.. . . I mean children.  So, they felt somewhat obligated to provide cold relief for me in the form of pills and Vicks Vapo Rub.  Given the problems that adding oily things to my skin causes and my slight feeling of aversion to such a product, I left it sitting on the window sill for several days.  This morning I ate some eggs, had two extra strength ibuprofen, and then stood looking out the window massaging my poor swollen lymph nodes wondering when this would go.

I insert an aside here.  I rarely get sick, and in fact ever since I started working out and eating better, it is even more infrequent.  It is pretty great, but leaves me with a lack of empathy for those who deal with frequent illness.   But when I do get sick, I am certain this is the end.  I am sound like a fog horn when I cough, my nose produces boxes of kleenex worth of liquids and I am forced to sit around moaning with tissues stuffed up my nose.  I believe that my immune system isn’t level loaded.  I think that my body had a tremendous defensive position on the walls of the castle.  But once the walls are breached, my defenses have to regroup to deal with an internal battle.   This is what I believe.

I eyed the Vicks Vapo Rub and smelled it again – I love the smell of camphor.  What the heck?  I haven’t showered yet and I’ll make sure it stays off my face.  I’ll just try it on my throat and just a touch under my nose.  Afterall, that is what they use on those crime shows in the morgue.  I rubbed it on and felt vaguely like Burt Reynolds in Striptease (not that I’ve ever watched that movie).   I dabbed a little bit under my nose and found that it did actually help to feel less stuffed up.  So I rubbed it on my throat still not convinced of it’s ability to make me feel better – after all there is a lot of muscle, bone, nerves etc this stuff has to go through.

But what the heck!

And what’s this?  My throat and neck feel tingly, cold and open.   Open.  Less swollen.

October 2nd, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Vicks Vapo Rub really does do something, but I’ll be damned if I get the stuff on my sheets.