The Daily EO: May 3rd, 2013

“Well, look up into the sky tonight and if you see blue streaks, you’ll know what I am saying.”  That is my grandma told me tonight when I called to wish him good luck for Game 2 of the Shark and Canucks series.   When my grandpa watches a game he is either sleeping in his chair or cursing at the TV.  There is no in between.

I enjoy a game of hockey – like cheering for the home team – but I am not a rabid fan.  Or a fan really.  But it’s this time of year that I want to buy a jersey just so I can cheer along with everyone else.  Most of my updates come from the television in my building’s elevator.  But I checked the status of game 2 on the internet, and watched the sky for blue streaks.  Bit my nails during the OT – hoping that in my grandpa’s life time the Canucks would finally get a Stanley Cup.


May 3rd, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  My grandpa says it is all over now.  I wonder if he is right.

Run Today:  5.6 km
Cumulative:  10.1 km