The Daily EO: May 6th, 2013

Sent to my husband on morning of May 6th:

A significant buying opportunity has come to our attention from an unidentified party.

 Rarely available, these Round One, Vancouver Canucks/San Jose Sharks Game 7 tickets are looking for just the right buyer.  The discerning purchaser will see the unique chance to save significant money over face value.

 Appraised at $600, these can be obtained now for $25. If that seems too much, you might think of sharing them with someone, reducing your wise investment to only $12.50.

 Applications are now being taken from qualified applicants.

 For those concerned that the tickets might be sold to more than one person (say 60 people) and that no one would ever find that out, you will have the peace of mind that only a signed Declaration of Authenticity brings.

 In these once-a-year circumstances, we are able to accept Cash Only.

May 6th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:   Laugh at yourself – it makes it a little easier to take.


The Daily EO: May 3rd, 2013

“Well, look up into the sky tonight and if you see blue streaks, you’ll know what I am saying.”  That is my grandma told me tonight when I called to wish him good luck for Game 2 of the Shark and Canucks series.   When my grandpa watches a game he is either sleeping in his chair or cursing at the TV.  There is no in between.

I enjoy a game of hockey – like cheering for the home team – but I am not a rabid fan.  Or a fan really.  But it’s this time of year that I want to buy a jersey just so I can cheer along with everyone else.  Most of my updates come from the television in my building’s elevator.  But I checked the status of game 2 on the internet, and watched the sky for blue streaks.  Bit my nails during the OT – hoping that in my grandpa’s life time the Canucks would finally get a Stanley Cup.


May 3rd, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  My grandpa says it is all over now.  I wonder if he is right.

Run Today:  5.6 km
Cumulative:  10.1 km