The Daily EO: September 22nd, 2012

It’s Saturday night in my new urban city of residence and what do we do?  We head to Grandma’s house for dinner.  Part of the reason we moved to Vancouver was to be closer to family – well, my side of the family as we are now much further from Emile’s side.  So, I thought having dinner with Grandma would be a good idea.  She’s older now, and uses her walker quite a bit.  She also has lupus and that can cause good and bad days.  So, to avoid dragging her out and about on what could be a bad day, I said we’d bring dinner.

What would be a good take out meal?  I did actually spend a bit of time thinking this through.  Seriously, I am in the Western sushi capital of the world and I am married to the sushi captain himself.  Why would I bring something else?

My grandma is proud that she “likes everything except dill”, so I thought she must like sushi.  But I checked in to confirm.  She said “I’ve never had sushi.  There is something about raw fish that puts me off.  But I’ll try if you think I should.”  Of course, I think she should!

So, sushi it is.  We determined that we should take a variety of items for taste tasting, and of course, we had to take the non-seafood items for me.  Yes, I was raised in BC and I don’t like seafood or fish.  Get over it.

Emile spent some time with the menu and I put the order in.  We stopped to pick up dinner and it wasn’t quite ready yet.  We waited a couple of minutes and soon an 18″ platter and a large plastic bag was handed to us.  With 6 sets of chopsticks and multiple packs of soy sauce provided, I came to the realization that perhaps the amount of food we ordered was above average for 3 people (and only 2 eating the real sushi).

We burst into Grandma’s place and started up the chaos.  She tried some of everything – Tuna, Salmon, BC, Cucumber, Crunch, Dynamite, Hot Night, Teriyaki Chicken and California Rolls; edamame; tempura veggies; Agedashi tofu; and miso soup.

And you know what?  Grandma likes sushi – even the raw fish.  In fact, she wants to do sushi night again (despite having to put up with her “miserable grandchildren’s company”).

We rolled out with the leftovers – like there wasn’t going to be any – and left her licking her lips considering tomorrow’s lunch care package.

September 22nd, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:   Even if the thought of raw fish turns your stomach, try it.  You might hate it (me), you might like it (grandma), but at least you know.  And knowing is important.


The Daily EO: July 21st, 2012

I don’t like fish or seafood.  No, really, I don’t.  Please don’t try to tell me “It doesn’t taste fishy at all”.  It does.  It takes like fish.  Salmon does.  Tuna does.  Yes, even the lobster and crab do.  Even if you drown it in garlic butter.   I have sensitive taste buds.  I can taste it.  It tastes like fish.  I don’t like it.

This eliminates traditional sushi as a pleasant food item for me.  I enjoy going to Japanese restaurants for dinner with friends and my husband, as I can order the vegetarian options, but it usually means a tofu dish, or avocado rolls or cucumber rolls.  And let’s face it – both of those rolls are boring.

When we are in Cranbrook, we always go for sushi.  We always talk about trying one of the 3 other places in town, but always end up at Sakura.  My brother – who also has the sophisticated anti-fish taste buds I do – always orders the beef and chicken teriyaki rolls.  Emile always orders at least one salmon roll, and I always get the edamame and tempura veggies as starters.  For a main, I skip around the menu ordering the vegetarian dishes or sometimes order a meat noodle dish.   But I am usually disappointed in my choice of rolls – I can’t ever order from the “Special Roll” section because of the fish problem.  You know – the rolls that come on a sleek long dish and you say “Oh, how beautiful” when it arrives at your table.  Sauces artfully placed, and garnished carefully positioned.  Sigh.

On the special menu this evening a “special veggie roll” was offered.  It featured asparagus, avocado, spinach, mango, and sweet potato with a cream sauce and a blueberry sauce.  I shared it with my mom, and it is the first time that I got to truly appreciate “roll art” arriving at the table.  The dish was the perfect line between savory and sweet, and utterly delicious.

July 21st, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:   Edamame, tempura vegetables, teriyaki tofu, “special veggie roll” and deep-fried mango ice cream.  So Good.