The Daily EO: July 19th, 2013

I’m having a falafel thing of late.  I don’t know why.  The first falafel I ever had was so awful – it was home-made by my then boyfriend, with whom I broke up with for making such a terrible mush roll.  Well, perhaps the break up was based upon things less trivial than falafel making skills, but I am sure it was a factor.

There are a couple of places near our house and I bounce between them.  I know that snow-white pita bread should probably be outlawed, and I wish there were alternatives, but well. . . it is pretty damn good.  And head lettuce?  Not exactly brimming with nutrients.  Chick peas and fava beans don’t taste that great when on their own, but mash them up, spice them, deep fry and cover with tzatziki, hummus and hot sauce?  Now you’re talking.

I’m distracted now. . . stopping writing this to decide if I am hungry for a falafel and if it is worth the journey.

No, not right now.  Plus I should vary my diet.  Maybe I should have garbanzo beans instead.

July 19th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Falafel July

Walk Up Only Place

Has Seats and But you can Take out too

Have it with the Cauliflower!

The Daily EO: March 17th, 2013

Today is my mother’s actual birthday – St. Patrick’s Day.  So after an hour at the downtown Vancouver parade, we heading to Burnaby to have lunch with more of the family.  My grandpa loves Me-n-Ed’s pizza and it is right near by his place, so we decided pizza was the place to go.  The six of us shared 3 large pizzas and one order of nachos with only 3 slices to take home for leftovers.

As tradition dictates, we visited McDonald’s for dessert where we purchase Shamrock Shakes for dessert.  When they asked which size, my mom said “Large” without remembering the super size epidemic that swept North America.  So, we were left with 6 gigantic shakes that were tasty in their bad for you way.  So full, yet so shamrocky and delicious at the same time.

After such a large lunch the followed by some ridiculous amount of shake we started to suffer the ill effects, but I the most:

Shamrock Shaked
Shamrock Shaked

I should also tell you that I almost killed Emile earlier that day when I brought the truck of our hatchback car down upon his head.  Given we didn’t have any pain relievers in the restaurant, he proceeded to drink quite a few non-green beers to dull the pain.

March 17th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  I managed to drag my Shamrocked ass off the floor and drive my nearly concussed husband home.  No-one ate dinner that night.

The Daily EO: March 16th, 2013

We celebrated my mom’s birthday today.   She was born on St. Patrick’s Day several years ago, but Saturday night seemed like the night to go for a lovely and restful dinner.  We tried out a new place by our place – Lily Mae’s – which billed themselves as French Comfort Food.

Paris to me was not comfortable – as much as I loved it there, it was much more chicness that I could only aspire to.  French to me means fussy, detailed, precise and exclusive.  So, I didn’t know what totally to expect from this new restaurant.  The French I encountered in Paris were only so welcoming to me – a tourist with very little French skills.

But the restaurant we visited was straight forward, charming, friendly and precise in service, rules and food perpetration.  A perfect combination comfort and French.

March 16th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:   Add a little bit of North American comfort to the French ways and you get a boeuf bourguignon to write home about (or at least to blog about).

I’m going back to get the bacon apple caramel cake.

The Daily EO: March 9th, 2013

Like most Vancouverites, Emile and I enjoy walking the Sea Wall.

So often we make our way down there – winding through the tourists – and walk the sea wall.  Saturday was a particularly gorgeous day – and we spoke frequently about how spring is so much better when you don’t have to go through the melt.

Often I’ll run along the sea wall and I feel like I belong here.  Running in my Yoga jacket with my iPhone.   Yes, I’m that girl.  Running along.  There she goes. . .

Anyways, we enjoy walking and talking down the sea wall.  Our route almost always takes us around the outside of the Vancouver Convention Centre with the Water sculpture.  Located there is a restaurant called De Dutch.  Emile – being Dutch – and I always talk about finding out what a Dutch restaurant serves but have never been.

We finally made it on Saturday morning.  We laughing reviewed the menu as Emile told me stories about his mother’s cooking.   The traditional luncheon meal at Emile’s house is a piece of bread with ham and a fried egg on it.  He told me it is actually called an uitsmijter as listed on the menu.  He remembered his Dutch when he ordered a Boer’s Breakfast.  His Farmer’s Breakfast featured all the regular morning offerings and included a large Dutch Pannekoek (pancakes).  Dutch pannekoeks are somewhere between a regular pancake and a crepe.

He bit into his pannekoek and stated “There is that tang.”  Emile started to tell me about stories from Holland that I had never had.  His dad’s mom made Emile and his sister pannekoeks for breakfast when they were in Holland.  Not cereal on most mornings like at home, but his Oma’s pannekoeks.  Made without a mix, and without a recipe probably just like her mother before her did.

The next morning Emile tried to reproduce his Oma’s Dutch pannekoek.  He called home to ask his mom how to make them.  Her side of the family wasn’t a pannekoek home and his dad was no help.  Afterall, he only just ate them.  A first attempt using an internet recipe was heavy, dense and lacking the tanginess.

March 9th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  A unexpected memory from breakfast and the beginning of a quest for a Dutch Pannekoek recipe like his Oma’s.


The Daily EO: February 22nd, 2013

My husband and I both love Thai food, and I’ll admit, I generally go back to Pad Thai regularly.  I love it.  In all its noodlely goodness, half the time I get a stomach ache from too much carbs, but its worth it.

But better than Pad Thai is a Green Mango Salad.  It is my favorite salad.  It is my favorite mango application.  It is my favorite appetizer.  And I dare say it is in my top five favorite foods of all time.

But the trouble with a Green Mango Salad is that I don’t find it often in Thai restaurants or – annoyingly – the green mango is out of season in the winter.  So, I am left hoping each different restaurant I go that I will find what I am looking for.

February 22nd, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Pretty good Pad Thai tonight, but alas, no Green Mango Salad on the menu.  Hoping for next time.

The Daily EO: January 30th, 2013

Dine Out Vancouver is on. For Ontarians, this is similar to Winterlicious with many restaurants featuring prix fixe menus.   There are 3 different levels of $18, $28, and $38.  And each features an appetizer, dessert and entrée.  We went last week to Blarney Stone’s $18 dinner and it was pretty good volume and food for $18.

Tonight we went to Wild Rice – also at the $18 level – and found that the food was excellent, the service was friendly, but a little mistake prone.  But they fixed their mistakes and were quick about it.  Probably because the place was sold out for due to Dine Out Vancouver!

In general, Emile and I are pretty cheap and watch calories, so we don’t eat out much.  But somehow, we got ourselves this schedule:

Jan 30th:  Wild Rice (just the two of us)

Feb 1st:  Crepe Cafe (7 of us for post activity refueling)

Feb 2nd: The Boathouse (Grandpa taking us for dinner)

Feb 3rd:  Salt Tasting Room AND The Pourhouse (friends in from Ontario)

I also received a coupon from Incendio – great pizza place now doing brunch – to offer us 2 for 1 brunch.

I miss Huntsville sometimes, but man do I love the restaurant scene here – especially those places within walking distance to our house!

January 30th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Somehow I think all of this is going to derail Cliche January.

The Daily EO: November 16th, 2012

My husband and I are annoyed by one main trait in each other:

  1. Failure to make decisions or take of things and just to ride along letting someone else do all the planning and work.
  2. Complete disregard of basic things like turning off the energy sucking lights, or leaving the fridge open or running the water for no reason.

Try to guess who does what.

If we fight, I’d say its 80% because of one of these things.  But recently, my husband has begun a campaign to address that which annoys me.  For example, a couple of days ago, I said we needed to figure out a place to go for dinner with my aunt on friday night.  Often, he would just throw out some suggestions and then leave the details to me.  But this time, he did research and selected a place near by.

It was troubling because here he is making an effort to change his behavior that I’ve been telling him for years annoys me, but yet he selected an Indian restaurant.  I don’t much like curry or warm yogurt, so I hesitated in agreeing.  But I liked this new campaign of his, so I thought I’d better be supportive, so Sitar it was.

I skimmed the menu avoiding seafood, hot dishes with yogurt, curry and samosas (I needed to try something different).  My aunt announced her selection of butter chicken, and that sounded pretty good in its description – when has butter or cream ever let any cuisine down?

November 16th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Listening to what my husband had to say led to an excellent meal.  Damn it!  I’m going to have to start turning off the lights.