The Daily EO: March 14th, 2013

I didn’t celebrate my First “blogoversary”, because in my mind, it didn’t count.  I set out to write daily and so when my 1 year anniversary came up, I hadn’t written a year’s worth of posts – thanks mainly to December 2012 month off.

But this is my 365th post and that seems a milestone that I should acknowledge in some way.  I am doing it by changing my theme from “Chunk” to “Superhero”.  I know – it’s a thrill a minute around here.  I am too value-conscious to even consider premium or custom designed blog sites, so I am sticking to basic WordPress ones.

My selection was limited by the fact that I have a font particularity that distracts me from content and I didn’t want fish, or babies, or worms, or anything else like that (I am not a fish, baby or worm blogger).  So, if you have a serif font, or a cutesy graphic I can’t use it to publish.

So, hold on to your socks and hats people, here you go – new format for a new year.    Next I might polish the cutlery.

March 14th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  365 posts and I still have something to say.  You must be right – I am opinionated.