The Daily EO: March 14th, 2013

I didn’t celebrate my First “blogoversary”, because in my mind, it didn’t count.  I set out to write daily and so when my 1 year anniversary came up, I hadn’t written a year’s worth of posts – thanks mainly to December 2012 month off.

But this is my 365th post and that seems a milestone that I should acknowledge in some way.  I am doing it by changing my theme from “Chunk” to “Superhero”.  I know – it’s a thrill a minute around here.  I am too value-conscious to even consider premium or custom designed blog sites, so I am sticking to basic WordPress ones.

My selection was limited by the fact that I have a font particularity that distracts me from content and I didn’t want fish, or babies, or worms, or anything else like that (I am not a fish, baby or worm blogger).  So, if you have a serif font, or a cutesy graphic I can’t use it to publish.

So, hold on to your socks and hats people, here you go – new format for a new year.    Next I might polish the cutlery.

March 14th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  365 posts and I still have something to say.  You must be right – I am opinionated.


The Daily EO: November 4th, 2012

First Look

6 years ago today, I married Emile.  I am still pretty smug about our wedding and my selection of husband.  There isn’t a more patient and generous and kind man in the world and for some reason he directs all that to me.   Because, although I have been known to be generous; patient and kind are not usually used to described me.

The wedding was pretty fantastic – a weekend celebration at an exclusive use inn in Northern Ontario.  Most of the guests arrived on Friday and didn’t leave until Sunday.  And it was perfect.  Best wedding I’ve ever been to.


November 4th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  6th Anniversary.  Consisted of moving furniture, eating nachos, napping (complete with drooling), and finishing the day with veggie hot dogs and sweet potato rounds.