The Daily EO: June 16th, 2013

After cancelling my nail appointment last Saturday to help my grandmother get to the hospital, I was looking a little ragged.  I did seriously consider if I could get my nails done and then head to her place to decide what to do.  But I was a good granddaughter.  So, I rescheduled my appointment for today.

What is it with us humans?  Why can we not stop picking at things hanging out there, leave things along, no we have to keep picking and proding and poking at stuff until our hems are hanging , mosquito bites are bleeding and your nails are all ragged.

I figured I needed a little down time after another ridiculous week.  While sat waiting for my appointment, I got an email telling me that the production floor sewer had backed up and the place was flooded.  Tell me what they makes you think?  Well, it made me think of the place full of dirty filthy water as team members sloshed through in knee high boots with little pieces of poop floating by.   Facilities is not my responsibility, no, but I work there, and honestly all I could think is “oh, god, I’m going to have to reschedule all the lines again.”

So, while I sat having my nails done, I was wondering about poop.  How much, where was it, what is happening, etc.  This made my hour of relaxation a little less relaxing.

The nail salon I go to is run by a person of Asian descent and most of her employees are also.  For many of whom, English is a second language.  So other languages swirl around.  Sometimes this can make for difficult small talk.  So can poop distraction.

I was pulled out of my poop thoughts by the technician saying:

“You the way?”


“YOU the Way?”  (accompanied by a shaking of the front of her shirt)

Um.  . . .”I’m sorry, Pardon me?”

“The Way!  Lose the Way?”

Oh!  “Did I lose weight!?”  Well, I look sunken, sallow, stressed, and rather terrible I thought, but no, I didn’t lose weight.  Maybe my head shrunk.

“You look good.”

“Well . . . um. . . .thanks.  No, I don’t think so.  But thanks.”

That was unexpected.


June 16th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  I lost weight apparently (or started dressing better), and the reports of a flood were sensationalized.   No poop, no dirty water.  Just a little clean water up a couple of drains.


The Daily EO: March 19, 2013

Yeah?  You want a fight?  Please, pick one with me, because I am beyond being civil, turning the other cheek.  (what does that mean?)

I am waiting for you to come into my office and just say the most benign thing and it only has to peek in the direction of annoying and I’ll be off.  And watch out – I can be pretty cutting when unhinged and untethered.

That is what happens to me when I don’t get enough sleep.  Less than 7, the creative, collaborative Susan is gone, and replaced with an enforcer.  Don’t mess with me OR my team.

GRRRRR!  **fangs**

March 19th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  But I can be tamed with caramel filled kisses.  (no, not from your mouth – keep that away from me!).

The Daily EO: December 17th, 2012

Normally by this time of the year, I walk around smug and wondering why everyone is so worried about Christmas.  By this time my gifts are wrapped, delivered and mailed, Christmas cards are done, the house is decorated, christmas get-togethers are planned, groceries are in the house, and I relax and enjoy the season.  And now, none of these things are completed and I am almost a basket case.  How do you people do this?  My god!

I just cannot get to our Christmas cards in time.  So many times I have sat down to write it, and my stress and frenetic behavior holds the words back.  And nothing comes – it’s stilted and there is no joy in it.  And I leave it, thinking I’ll find another day to get it done.

But there are no days left, no real way to get anything done on time.  My husband told me I could do them after Christmas and that would be okay.  But it doesn’t feel like it would, instead it feels likes I have failed.  Ridiculous?

December 17th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Wound a little too tight.


The Daily EO: August 16th, 2012

A strange set of circumstances intersected today:

1.  Emile has lost 30 pounds.  Many of his clothes are loose.  Many of mine are as well.
2.  I am anxious, stressed and not sleeping.  When I don’t get enough sleep, I get delirious and unpredictable.
3.  We are packing and consolidating.  Therefore when we found two more-than-half full bottles of Grand Marnier, they were combined leaving about 4 ozs left.  Not enough to pack, too much to toss.  It needed consumption.

While we sat downstairs trying to make decisions about what to keep, sell and toss, we passed the bottle back and forth.  It was about 11:30 am.  As I sorted kitchen things, Emile worked in the other corner of the room going through computer, stereo and electronic items.

I successfully finished off a box and moved it to the completed pile.  As I turned around, my eye caught a round white object glinting at me.  My husband was standing there with a great big moon waiting for me to notice.  Flapping his butt cheeks at me for no reason at all.  His shorts could slip off so easily, you see, and why not moon his wife?  I gawked and giggled.   What the hell?

But back at it – we have things to do.  One was to review what is in the garage – catalogue and do the same sort.  I don’t really remember what I said or did, but Emile threatened me with another moon.  Not one to respond rationally all the time, I threatened him back.  And so we mooned each other.

Emile was not to be out done.  “I’m going to moon the next car that comes by”, he says.  What?!

Now remember: No Sleep, Grand Marnier, Stress, easy slip off pants and potential to be outdone by my husband.  We moved to the front of the house, whipped down our pants and hung our butts out in the direction of the street.  And waited.

August 16th, 2012 Extra-Ordinary:  Reports of Nudity in Muskoka are Greatly Exaggerated, I’m sure.   I love this man.