The Daily EO: May 14th, 2013

My brother is very much like my parents and in some ways like me, but mostly just like him.  He is particular, careful, precise, fastidious, and a planner.  He thinks that I am sloppy, careless, chaotic and something like a hurricane or tornado.  Those who know me and don’t know him do not understand how someone as plan focused and organized could be considered any of these things.  But I must tell you, in comparison it is true.  If you want something done exactly and painstaking correctly and carefully, you ask my brother.  If you want it taken care of on a well thought out and exacting plan, ask my brother.  If you have multiple competing deadlines, chaotic frenzy that needs sorting and a plan for just getting through – you ask me.  And don’t complain about the state of my desk in the meantime.

I tell you this because it was my brother Todd who spent hours vacuuming my car when the window was smashed.  He spent a lot of time picking out the glass, moving the seats around for better angles and looking for the shining bits.  I was thinking “C’mon already, that is enough!  Let’s go!” – too much energy was already spent on this smash and grab.

But he persisted.  And yet over the last couple of months, I find this every now and then:


I show you this, not because I want to say a careful man did a bad job, but to show how it is impossible to get all the bits of glass out of a car.  If the world’s best can’t get it all, nobody can.

May 14th, 2013 Extra-Ordinary:  Sparkling memories which are not all together welcome.


The Daily EO: March 15, 2012

Today I had an interview for CSR/Materials Manager in the GTA.  I did well, I think.  It’s sometimes hard to say.

We talked and I answered questions with the plant manager, the controller and the HR representative.  The entrance, reception area and boardroom all had that frayed but tidy look – the one of little money being spent.  I like that look.  It worries me when I see a lot of money splashed up on the walls.  Is that painting the training budget?  Is that reception desk the bonus program?

I arrived at 15 minutes before my allotted time and this seemed to cause a bit of a panic.  The receptionist ran to find the plant manager.  When he could not be found,  the plant manager’s boss (“The Boss”) was located.  The Boss called the controller’s cell.  He called the plant manager’s cell.  He called the HR rep’s cell.  I told him it was alright, I was early and that I was just here for an interview – I could wait.  “The Boss” finally reached the plant manager, and let me know that he was on his way.

While I sat in the reception area, I was alone.  I studied the pictures, stole some earplugs for Emile (I need something concrete out of this experience), and waited.  The reception area was in the middle of the building and team members often walked by going about their business.  Every single one of thing acknowledged me with a nod or smile, but most asked if I had been looked after.  It was pleasing to see how the team members wanted to look after their customers.

At about 5 to, a red-headed man walked by studying his cell phone, paying me no heed.  After he was out of eyesight, but not earshot, I overheard him speaking with a team member about orders and how to schedule them.

Let’s recap here – the plant manager knew I was waiting in the reception awaiting his arrival.

I waited another 7 or 8 minutes, and finally the red-headed man came to introduce himself as the plant manager and asked me to follow him.  And follow him I did – literally, he walked down the hallways ahead of me, again studying his cell phone.

I asked a lot of questions to ascertain if I was a fit, and vice versa.  After 1 hour and 20 minutes we had all got our answers for now.  Do I want to work there?  I am still processing and I suppose they need to offer me a job before I really have to think too hard.

March 15, 2012 Extra-Ordinary Event: Remembering the little things count.  I remember the interview and impressions and will focus on that too, but the couch snub and the “follow me” thing? – it’s staying with me tonight.